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HY T bar grating drainage system project for Shanghai ZiZhu real estate developer
2018-04-11 11:41:30
Recently, the building drainage system project of Shanghai Zizhu real estate developer has been completed installation by HY Industry team.

The drainage project uses HY aluminium T bar grating with excellent product property and usage function. HY T bar grating is made by the T bar profile and cross bars through a high hydraulic pressure swaging process. it is a ideal option for many projects.

 Why choose T bar grating to use for the drain system? Obviously, it is a hot good product with much more advantages, and it’s integrated perfect with building projects.
The advantage as shown below:
1. Less weight
2. High intenstiy
3. No welding spot
4. Anti-slip striated surface
5. Excellent corrsion resistance property
6. Simple and generous appearance.
7. Easy to installation

It can be available in either sloped or neutral configurations and include a comprehensive range of accessories, and it can widely used in construction projects, platform, walkway, water treatment project, seaport project, airport project and civil building, etc.

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