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HY new product provides contemporary style-- HY shower room access floor grating
2018-05-25 15:17:50

HY launched the new series grating product mainly used in shower room flooring.


HY shower access floor grating is made by the T bar profile with radians and cross bars through a hydraulic pressure swaging process. 


The shower access floor system is with a grille that lies flush to the floor and a tray underneath, provides a smooth surface transition which makes it feel like the rest of the bathroom floor.

☑ Application used widely

☑ Use hamony and Security

☑ Low-key luxury exterior with contemporary style

☑ Anti-skid and durable

☑ Zero slope high output drainage 


Zero slope high output drainage does means, unlike wet room showers, it doesn't need a slope to assist drainage. Unlike wet room showers, it keeps the rest of the bathroom dry. This pioneering system provides the ultimate in easy access and fast, efficient drainage.

In addition, HY shower access floor grating will provide good life cycle costing and relatively low maintenance.

Available as a grille with tray or grille with frame, and it is a stylish, unobtrusive design which can be used and enjoyed by all ages and levels of mobility.

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